The Prophet’s Pain

The Prophet’s Pain.

The Inescapable Path That Leads to Glory.

New Book by Prophet Aldi Essandjo.


Available Everywhere July 15th, 2018.

– The Inescapable Path That Leads to God’s Glory.
-Why Your Gift Isn’t the Only Things God Uses.
-The Third Dimension of the Sons of God.
-The Difference Between Seeking God and Being Sought by God.
-The True Difference Between “Major” Prophets & Minor Prophets.
-The Oxymoron of Being Anointed Yet So Broken.
-Why You Cannot Fish in an Aquarium.
-The Power of a Trustworthy Spouse.
-The Difference Between the Mosaic Anointing & Magic Arts.

More You Will Learn About:
-The Impact of a Covenant in A Leader’s Life.
-Why Many Will Not Inherit a Mantle Whose Weakness They Despise.
-Why We Cannot Escape Betrayal and Why It Never Comes from Afar.
-The Power of a Covering.
-How A Covering Holds the Key to Breaking Your Bloodline Curses.
-Forged Weapons and How to Overcome Them.
-Why Your Spouse Must Feel Called to Those You Mentor.
-Why Your Ministry’s Image Also Depends On Your Spouse.
-The Power of a Small Yet Anointed Circle.
-Why The Anointing Still Needs Experience.
-Why God Elevates You to Break Altars.
And So Much More!