The Flesh-mate vs The Soul-mate

The Strength It Takes to Let Go.

I believe what God has given me to share with you today is perhaps one of the most important things I have ever had to share before. So many in today’s world are stuck at crossroads, are in a place of anxiety, depression, oppression and fear. They are searching for God’s will, a way out and a better outcome. They are sick, tired and sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are battling between their flesh and soul. Flesh and spirit. Mind and heart. They are in a fight and are praying to overcome. The Lord began to minister to me a while back about the difference between a flesh -mate and a soul-mate. He said, “You will never recognize your soul-mate until you have dealt with a flesh-mate.” He added, “Neither will you ever pray for a soul -mate until you have met a flesh-mate and have realized that they were not what you thought they would be.”

A flesh mate often comes in the most beautiful and impeccable package. They are fit for the script in our mind and heart. But we end up in a huge disappointment. What many have today in their relationships and unfortunately even marriages, are simply flesh-made decisions. Decisions made out of emotions, reality and moments. Due to these decisions that were made in moments of perfection, need, loneliness and fear, when something does not go right, we believe all it needs is a tune-up. We have heard so many people talk about how to fix a thing, fix a relationship and fix a situation that we now believe that everything needs to be fixed. Yet I have learned and learned the most difficult way that not everything needs a tune-up. They are things in life, such as certain relationships that do not need a tune-up. They must be closed up!

The Fear of Never Finding Yourself.

However, when it comes to closing and ending certain relationships and endeavors of life, we become extremely doubtful because in the midst of diving into them, we have lost ourselves. The Lord shared with me that the number one reason many today find it very difficult to walk away from what they know is toxic, damaging and disgraceful is because they believe they will never find themselves if they walk away. Many believe that if they walk away from what they deem to be bad for them, even if situations align themselves for them to do so, they will not find themselves because they have so engulfed themselves into the relationship, job or endeavor. They believe that if they walk away from the flesh-mate, they will no longer know their identity because the flesh-mate was all they knew and all that they built their lives around.

Perhaps you are afraid of walking away from this toxic relationship because you are afraid of having to go about life on your own or afraid of having to find yourself again because you have lost yourself in this relationship. The thought of walking away is so frightening that you stress out when you simply think about it. It haunts you so much you have convinced yourself that maybe God does not want you to leave because if He did, you wouldn’t experience so much pain when attempting to walk away. You have convinced your heart and mind that you cannot leave unless God has spoken to you. Yet He has spoken over and over again, He has shown you sign after sign, red flag after red flag. As important as you know walking away is for you, you believe that staying secures your peace of mind and guarantees some type of help, even if it isn’t compared to what God has for you. Yet, if you knew what God had for you and if you ever took a peek at His prestige plan for your life, leaving what the flesh demands will not be compared to walking into His divine purpose for your life! I have learned that the strongest people in life and those who have come to find their complete identity aren’t those who have never been hurt nor those who never had to fight for themselves. Rather, the strongest people in life are those who have gone through extreme pain and those who have had to walk away from the most difficult yet beautiful situations in life. In the midst of walking away, they have found themselves! If you want to know the purposes of God for your life and all that lies within you, I dare you to walk away from what is toxic, damaging and disloyal. Pain, loneliness and anxiety are a part of life. They are not life! Strong people have known these things and yet without any guarantee of having better, have still walked away. I will tell you why shortly.

The strongest people are those who have had to find themselves in the midst of it all. You are not strong until you have found yourself in you, and not in someone else! If you find yourself in others but never in self, you do not know the power God has placed in you!

The Fear of Never Finding Better.

The second reason the Lord shared with me concerning why many are afraid to walk away is because they believe they will never find someone better. They are afraid they will never find something better. This is Satan’s biggest lie to those called to greater heights! He has a way of making you believe that you will never thrive after the brokenness and that you will never find someone better if you walk away from what you know you need to untie yourself from. This is the reason many stay in damaging relationships and miss their soul- mate. They cling to their flesh – mate because Satan brings up their age, race, scars, pain and the amount of time they have wasted with their flesh-mate. Thus, they believe that walking away from this without a guarantee for something better may not be the smartest choice. What a lie! This is the lie the enemy try to keep me bound in. He attempted to make me believe that I would never find someone better but God prove him wrong! I promise you that God always has better. If you are having a hard time believing in the promises of God, believe it from someone who has walked down that path. We trust God because He is integral and immutable. But we also trust Him because we have seen what He has done for us before and what He has done for others. David said, “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” (Psalm 37:25). David’s words in this text are prophetic but also full of experience! To grow in faith and belief in God, you must surround yourself with people who have experienced His power! Their experience will help you let go of what is holding you back from your own divine experience! Satan has a way of making you doubt God. But if you let go, you will find better. I promise! You are so much better than what happened to you. Your strength is proven in what you are willing to walk away from. Strength is given to everyone but virtue is a choice. Worth and value are choices. Choose today to be all that God has predestined you to be. When you let go of the flesh-mate, God will bring the soul-mate. But when you cling to the flesh-mate, you may never see your soul -mate. Don’t be the one who clings to the desires of their flesh more than God’s perfect will. You have to resist the urge of falling for Satan’s trap. You will find someone better. The person who broke you cannot heal you. But if you walk away, God will heal you through someone better! I have experienced this.


The Fear of the Future.

Thirdly, the Lord told me that this belief is due to fear. It is the fear of the future. Many are afraid of walking away. It terrorizes them to walk away because they do not know where or how to start. They are afraid they may not have a great outcome.

Everyone worries about the future. Those who see no way out wonder if they will ever get a way out. Those who see a way out wonder if there will always be a way out. They think, “What if it changes? What it this door closes? What if I lose it all? What if I lose all of my money? What would I do? What if my marriage doesn’t work out?” Life fills us all with reasons to fear. Both the haves and have- nots are full of fear. Yet, this fear only turns into faith when we realize that we do not have to worry, fear or even figure out what tomorrow is all about, as long as we know the One who predestined tomorrow since yesterday! No matter who we are, a relationship with God is everything.

Trust & Faith.

Letting go is about trust and faith. Trust and faith in God. To let go, you must trust in something greater, bigger and wiser than you. You cannot let go without faith. Even if you do not believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the power of faith is in you. When someone lets go of whatever brings them sorrow, they are demonstrating some type of faith for, “better.” If we can have faith for better, we can have faith in God!

You will never truly let go until you have begun to trust that God will supply. Whether it is Him supplying a better job because you have walked away from a good paying job that became too poisonous for your mental, spiritual and moral health, to walking away from a toxic relationship, letting go is all about trusting that God will supply. You cannot claim to trust in God but be unwilling to let go of a person who sucks your energy, money and resources dry. They do not love you if that is all they want from you. You cannot claim to love God but have difficulties walking away from people and friends who do not have your best interest at heart. Better yet, people and friends who do not prioritize God. Anyone in your life who does not prioritize God will lead you far from the Master who created a plan of greatness to ease your anxiety and fear of letting go!

Do you have faith? Do you trust that if you walk away from this, you will find better? Do you trust that if you walk away from this, God will come through? Or are you afraid that God may not come through because the last time you trusted, you saw no results? I’ve got news for you: that is how real faith is birthed! Human disappointment always leads to divine appointments! What disappointed you was not God. God never disappoints! Real faith does not depend on what happens or does not happen. Real faith knows that no matter what happens or what doesn’t happen, this season will not end lest God has provided, fulfilled and birthed what He said He would do!

Until you let go of the flesh-mate, God will never send your soul-mate! There is someone better for you. Something much greater than your last. But until you walk away from what hurts, destroys and bewitches your destiny, you will never really know what you could become or have in God! I encourage you to trust the part of your heart you often ignore. The truth! Walk away. Walk away right now. Today. Do it!

Trust and have faith. Let go of what the flesh-mate. Perhaps your flesh-mate isn’t a man or woman. Perhaps your flesh- mate is the city you grew up in. The friends you grew up with or the family you have drawn so fonder toward. Perhaps it is the job you feel secure in or the person you boast about. Whatever your “flesh-mate” is, you will never become the person God has predestined for you to become until you walk away!

Much of what we complain about concerning God’s promises has everything to do with our willingness and willfulness to walk away. We complain that God’s promises do not come to pass, yet are never willing to step out in faith! We complain that God has not given us the resources for the business but have no business plan and aren’t even willing to work for ourselves because it seems “too risky.” Yet the greatest blessings God will ever give you will cost you everything! Risk is the avenue God lives in! If ever you want to visit God or His plans for you, hop in the business and get off on “Risk Avenue.” That is where God lives!

What you are willing to risk will determine what you will receive. If you never walk away from the job because you are afraid of being without for a little bit, though you will survive, you will never thrive! Perhaps your leaders are afraid of telling you this truth because they do not want to hear you complain about the process, but if you truly want the promise you have been praying about, crying about, complaining and having mood-swings about, you will have to endure the process of being without for just a little bit in order to gain forever.

Your destiny is too precious for you to one day look back and wish you had done what is right, walked away from that relationship, walked away from the evil-hearted or carried enough virtue to know your worth and value. Make the decision today. Say, “I am letting it go. My destiny is too precious! I trust God.”

Whatever your flesh-mate is, let it go. If the relationship is sexually satisfying but emotionally draining, financially irritating and morally abusing, it is time to walk away. Don’t seek for the perfect- mate. Seek after the soul-mate. If you dare believe, God will dare reveal! Do you believe? Do you trust? Then show it. “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:14).

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Be blessed.

Prophet Aldi Essandjo.

The Unleashed Commission & Generation. (UCG)