Prophetic Decree concerning the U.S.A


Prophet Aldi Essandjo. 

These prophetic decrees aren’t dreams, visions or vain thoughts. These are things I have had for the last twelve months. God has been ministering to me and Christ has appeared to me over and over again, and finally, He has given me to “GO!” I would like to call the body of Christ in prayer for three major and unstoppable things to come in this season.

1. Pray for the city of Dallas, Texas. A huge flood is coming. Nothing compared to the current rainy days. Something similar to Houston’s Hurricane “Harvey” which by God’s grace, He was able to warm me years ahead, and I was sure to share it with you all. This coming flood may be a bit worse than Harvey. Before going any deeper in this, I’d like to remind you that this isn’t an “Act of God.” The Lord made it clear that because we are entering the LAST DAYS, this world we live in will slowly but surely crumble. This massive flood to come in the city of Dallas will separate many from loved one. Prepare, pray and watch for it. It cannot be reversed.

2. Pray for the city of NY (New York). An unexpected news concerning this city will soon hit all major networks worldwide. Pray that God sustains the people of NY and protects them. For the last twelve months, I have struggled with this but God says it is time! Thus, pray with me. Again, because we are approaching the last days, hearts will grow colder and the world will slowly but surely crumble.

3. Pray for the school system in the U.S. A tremendous and unfavorable news will come about, but will be much bigger than any of the unfavorable news we have received concerning school shootings. One that will be bigger and worse the prior plots. Pray that the Lord keeps your loved ones, children or grandchildren safe in their schools. These acts are NOT of “God.” When Christ appeared to me, He stressed this out with many tears in His eyes. He said these are the acts of men and the crumbling of the world.

I urge you, friends and family, to consider a relationship with Jesus today. Your tomorrow is never promised. I beg you, give your life to Christ. Very soon, He will be the Only One who matters in this life. With Him, in spite of what is to come, you will be #protected and #favored! Jesus loves you.


Prophet Aldi Essandjo

Aldi Essandjo Ministries & UCG Global.