This Is Not My Life! (Signed Hard Cover)


The mediocrity, addiction, fear, emotional instability, and demonic hindrances are not your life! This book will help you break free from limitations, and persistent delays in every area of your life. Whether marital, spiritual, or financial, the resistances in your life will crumble after digesting the jaw-dropping, eye-opening and life-changing revelations found in this book.



Refusing To Die With God’s Name In Your Mouth!

New Book by Prophet Aldi Essandjo.

In this book, Aldi Essandjo further explains what Jesus accomplished for you at the cross, and how you can crush an already defeated serpent, through a life-changing Biblical revelation on Jesus’ ultimate defeat of Satan at the cross! He explains The Holy Spirit’s impeccable role in your life, and why nothing in you must resemble the evil one.

He elucidates on the importance of deliverance, and the three dimensions of the anointing that will help you break free from any yoke in your life. He reveals what rejection truly means, and why destiny isn’t limited to a “destination,” but is all the more, a manifestation!

He also reveals the incredible lessons God will teach you, only through pressure. The principles of restoration, and royalty. Why you must be set apart in this indistinguishable generation. Why many blessings will be withheld from you, until you learn to respect your parents and elders. And why God speaks as a parent and an elder, before He can speak as God, and so much more!


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