The Prophet’s Pain


“A lot of people, including leaders who are ignorant of Satan’s schemes believe that their lust ends when married—a strong and tremendous lie of the enemy. Your lust does not end when you are married. It ends when you are delivered. The prophet must rid him or herself from any access point the enemy may use to bring him, his ministry, family or calling on the ground.”


The Prophet’s Pain.

The Inescapable Path That Leads to Glory.

New Book by Prophet Aldi Essandjo.


Available Everywhere July 15th, 2018.

– The Inescapable Path That Leads to God’s Glory.
-Why Your Gift Isn’t the Only Things God Uses.
-The Third Dimension of the Sons of God.
-The Difference Between Seeking God and Being Sought by God.
-The True Difference Between “Major” Prophets & Minor Prophets.
-The Oxymoron of Being Anointed Yet So Broken.
-Why You Cannot Fish in an Aquarium.
-The Power of a Trustworthy Spouse.
-The Difference Between the Mosaic Anointing & Magic Arts.

More You Will Learn About:
-The Impact of a Covenant in A Leader’s Life.
-Why Many Will Not Inherit a Mantle Whose Weakness They Despise.
-Why We Cannot Escape Betrayal and Why It Never Comes from Afar.
-The Power of a Covering.
-How A Covering Holds the Key to Breaking Your Bloodline Curses.
-Forged Weapons and How to Overcome Them.
-Why Your Spouse Must Feel Called to Those You Mentor.
-Why Your Ministry’s Image Also Depends On Your Spouse.
-The Power of a Small Yet Anointed Circle.
-Why The Anointing Still Needs Experience.
-Why God Elevates You to Break Altars.
And So Much More!


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