Redefine Your Victory


In this incredible and prophetic book, you will learn about a “Davidic” generation chosen for such a time as this. You will come to the understanding of how David was truly chosen before Saul, though Saul was king prior to David! You will understand the purpose of your dark moments throughout your life journey; and God’s master plan all throughout your years of pain. A generation made in the dark isn’t only God’s next move, but God’s predestined move! It is not about who is “next.” It is about who is predestined! While many are searching for who is next, God is birthing those He has already predestined. This Davidic generation possesses more than an image many are searching for; they carry the heart of God!


Redefine Your Victory

Understanding Betrayal, Rejection and Disappointment

“What You Call Pain, God Calls Victory!


It was better for your heart to be broken than for your life to be lost! God allows betrayal to reveal the hearts of those who were prone to betraying you in the future – when the betrayal would perhaps be more destructive. It was better for you to hurt than do die! In the words of the author, “Pain is better than death!” It may have been painful, but it saved your life, future, and destiny. Though hurtful, it was your victory!

Redefine Your Victory is an incredible literature filled with divine wisdom that will allow you to transform your thinking and perspective on betrayal, rejection and pain. Whether you have experienced the tumultuous agony of molestation, rape, heartbreak, abandonment, deep rejection, sorrow or betrayal, Aldi Essandjo reveals secrets that will help you entirely heal and rehabilitate. This literature is one of a kind; helping you discern that God does not initiate evil, but may permit it to partake in His most sovereign plan for your destiny – making all things work together for your good! (Romans 8:28). As a result, accomplishing through affliction, purposes only God can.

Furthermore, this book explains the incredible purposes and lessons of betrayal and rejection in your life. Too often we do not walk in absolute healing due to the lack of closure in our lives. This book therefore, helps you gain closure through its divine wisdom, which unlocks a permanent shift in your thinking and the perspective of the very afflictive matters and events that transpired in your life.

In this book, the author elucidates on five reasons God allows separation and pain; why destiny isn’t limited to a destination, but is all the more a divine and inner manifestation that allows us to comprehend that what we may expect from others, only comes from above and from within; and until this lesson is grasped, the test of betrayal and rejection will continue to linger.


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