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    If you have always felt that you are not in the right relationship and need to walk away, do not hold back any longer. Do not turn this relationship into a marriage thinking that being married will turn things around. It will not! Rather, it only magnify the dysfunction in your union. If you have tried to fix things over and over again, and still feel a tugging in your heart to walk away from this toxic, damaging and hurtful relationship, walk away now! A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage! A break up is better than a divorce.

  • Dating with Purpose

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    “Dating with Purpose: Why You Shouldn't Date Unless You Intend to Marry” deals with the unseen and spiritual aspects of dating that the human eye overlooks

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    “A lot of people, including leaders who are ignorant of Satan’s schemes believe that their lust ends when married—a strong and tremendous lie of the enemy. Your lust does not end when you are married. It ends when you are delivered. The prophet must rid him or herself from any access point the enemy may use to bring him, his ministry, family or calling on the ground.”