In Love with Dating. Hateful Toward Marriage

In Love with Dating but Hateful Toward Marriage

Many today refuse to marry but are willing to date due to the fear of marital commitment, yet are committed to dating. Whether dating to avoid loneliness, financial instability or for sexual satisfaction, at any time one decides to date and grow fonder toward another human being, they have decided to “commit.” And if you can commit to dating or commit to the person you are dating, you can commit to marrying!

The word marriage brings much fear to many because it sounds like responsibility, submission and vulnerability. Many prefer to date because it gives them access to end the relationship when it gets too difficult or incomprehensive. Yet this is where our love is proven and where our intentions are revealed to the person we have decided to date. Entertaining the desire to date while refusing to marry reveals how much we do not desire to be responsible, submitted or vulnerable. One who believes in dating but refuses to marry in order to avoid responsibility, submission and vulnerability should not date at all.

Dating while refusing to marry causes you to waste someone’s time and disqualifies you from placing someone under your wings because you are prune to the benefits of dating, but not interested in the sole purpose of dating, which is marriage!

When or prior to dating someone, seek to know their intentions for dating. Are they dating in hopes to find the right soul or are they simply dating in order to fulfill a temporary desire? Knowing the intentions behind the desire to date will save you from heartbreaks and trauma. Many have dated, fell in love but were crushed within because they fell for people who were great at dating but had no desire for marriage. Thus, their hearts were torn because they believed in marrying the person they fell for. Seek to know their intentions prior to giving your heart away.

Many today are afraid of marriage because they believe that marriage may cost them the love of their lives, if the marriage does not work out. But refusing to marry out of the fear of losing your significant other is basically saying, “I am afraid we won’t work out because I will not put in the work and effort it takes for us to work out.” What you have seen happen in your previous marriage or other marriages and what you are afraid of seeing happen should not make you rethink spending the rest of your life with the one you love the most! If you are willing to put in the work, learn from your past mistakes and that of others, you will excel in your union! I encourage you to desire this beautiful and divine gift of marriage God has created for men and women to enjoy all that He has purposed for them to enjoy together! Though more people are becoming more and more repulsive toward marriage, if you are willing to put God first and work toward keeping it alive and well, you will experience your best days in marriage. Not in dating!

There is so much beauty in marriage and if you dare do the right thing, you will experience the blessings of marriage. There are blessings dating will never give you! Only marriage will. If you can date, you can marry. If you can commit to dating, you can commit to marrying! In my book, “Dating with Purpose: Why You Shouldn’t Date Unless You Intend to Marry,” I go in details of the types of dating and relationships we can find today. I further explain the beauty of marriage and why it must become the sole purpose of dating. Get your copy today at

God bless you,
Prophet Aldi Essandjo.
The Unleashed Commission & Generation (UCG)