Fighting for and defending those who belong to us.

When two persons from different backgrounds, tribes or last names come against each other, it is human instinct to stand for one closest to you. Evidently, when a child of God deals with arrows from God’s enemies, it is instinctively divine for God to arise on their behalf. However, what happens when two children of God come against each other? What happens when two members of the same family come against each other? Who do you protect? What happens when two church members go at it? Who does the Pastor defend? Who does God defend when two of His servants go at it? This is the issue that God began to show me during my retreat. We fight for those who belong to us; but who do we defend when those who belong to us fight? God, in this case, will always fight for the one whose heart is pure towards Him and towards the other or their “oppressor.” When your fellow brother or sister in Christ rises against you, whether it be for a mistake made or any other reasons, remember that God will only fight for you and prove them wrong if you’re heart is pure towards Him and towards the one who rose up against you.

This was the case in David and Saul’s battle. God stood with David, not because he was more righteous, but because his heart stood clean and pure before God *and* before Saul. So many of us are quick and occupied with bashing our Saul and claiming that God is standing with us. God doesn’t stand with hateful peopleHe fights for pure heartsIs your heart pure towards your oppressors? If not, what makes you think God, as holy and just as He is, is standing with you? Many in the body of Christ spend their time writing about preachers who have fallen short and blasting their names on social media without any regards of who those people are in God’s sight or of who they were in God’s eyes. David dared not attack Saul because Saul was once an anointed man of God. That’s spiritual maturity. He prayed that Saul would come to repentance. Even though he had access to kill Saul, he didn’t because he knew that he too, in some aspect of life, had rejected God. He instead focused on his call and prayed for Saul.

Many amongst us have made it their message to only bash others. Besides the fact that you get our attention by bashing others, what is the Message that God has given you for this generation? Has He visited you? If so, what is the Message of the hour? No, I’m not talking about what your neighbor preached. What is God saying for this hour? If you do not carry a message for a people, dare not to tell the people what to do! That’s how you become no different than your Saul or oppressor. You see, David Loved God too much to hate Saul. He respected himself too much to allow his heart to be consumed by his oppressor and what he thought of him. That’s the mentality God is expecting from you and I. Love God too much to hate your oppressors!

For those who believe that those amongst us who have fallen short, lost their way or even gave themselves to this world’s system are far from God’s reach of redemption, must also be aware that those of us who are in His redemptive cloud aren’t guaranteed Heaven until we’ve made it there. In other words, while we say they won’t make it in because of this or that, let’s also remember that we’re not guaranteed a spot in Heaven because we’ve figured out someone else’s wrongdoing.

Though in the instance of his fight with Saul, David was right and pure before God and Saul, from God’s general perspective, David still had many things to work on. Often times, though we’re right when it comes to others and what they gave themselves to, from God’s general perspective, we’re completely sinful because we too have many things to work onMany who bash others for their mistakes have yet to be delivered from gossiping spirits and lustful demons. Yet when it comes to the mistakes others make, they are experts on purity. Nevertheless, as I look through my prophetic eye, I see nothing but jealousy, hatred, poverty, competition and envy. So, how does that make you better than them?

Remember that though Saul rejected God and was rejected by God, it didn’t change history nor the fact that Saul was still anointed by God at some point of his life as king! Anyone who was or is anointed by God, no matter their mistake, gives us no absolute right to post their name on social media and claim their long suffering due to their sin. David did not retaliate against Saul, not because he was afraid but truly because he had grown spiritually. It is spiritual immaturity to point a finger at one who turned their back on God as if God’s ability to save them has expired. Many who’ve yet to grow will be very quick to post names of preachers and Christians who have fallen short. When in all honesty, how you respond to a fall shows and says a lot about your heart and a lot about how you’ve always felt towards that person. It exposes the prior hatred in you for them. It exposes how deeply jealous you’ve always been towards them and the spirit of competition you’ve always carried.

My uttermost prayer is that God will shape and mold into a new dimension of spiritual maturity from which we can learn from the mistakes of others, learn to pray for them and stay the course so that their shortcoming doesn’t catch up to us because we were neither prepared for the battlefield.

Sincerely & in Christ,

Prophet Aldi Essandjo

The Unleashed Commission & Generation-Aldi Essandjo Ministries.