Brokenness Leads to Sensitivity

So much pain and brokenness in our day and age, but not enough healing. The intensity of pain can be detrimentally harmful to the human soul, if not properly dealt with. Pain can be so intense that it leads us to things we would never partake in, while in our right mind. It leads us to cry on the shoulders of people who are awaiting our downfall and become vulnerable to those prepared to devour us wholeheartedly. Today, I would like to speak to someone who feels succumbed by pain. Someone who perhaps believes that they are healed, but every now and then, life reminds them of how much healing they still need. Every now and then, a song, circumstance or person reminds them of how broken they are and how much wholeness they are still in need of.

“Close” To The Broken-Hearted.

In Psalm 34:18, the Psalmist says, “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and He heals those whose spirits are crushed.”

What I love about this is that the Bible does not say, “He is close to the prayerful.” Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking out prayer or divine intimacy. Anyone who knows me personally or in ministry knows that I love to pray! I can pray for hours and seek God for days and He answers swiftly, for just about anything. In fact, I am always retreating myself to seek God and hear Him all the more.

But this amazing text and scripture raises an amazing eye-opener for me. God being “close” to the broken-hearted does not mean He is not close to the prayerful. However, there is a level of “closeness” we experience only in our brokenness. (I hope you catch that soon). A level of closeness we experience only in our pain and only in our persecutions!

Must I Be Broken to “Feel” Closer to God?

You would perhaps wonder, “But why? Why must I be broken to feel closer to God? That’s not always true!” That isn’t what I am saying at all. I am not saying you must be broken to feel closer to God. What I am saying however, is that when you are broken, there is a level of closeness that you begin to have with God that you wouldn’t otherwise have, had you NOT been broken!

Brokenness Leads to Sensitivity.

In other words, brokenness leads to sensitivity. Lord, have mercy! Your brokenness and pain lead to sensitivity. It leads to, or at least needs to lead us to sensitivity to God! Unfortunately, many of us use our pain as a way to become sensitive to everything else, BUT God. We become sensitive for everything else, but the Lord who is close to us, in our moments of deep pain and darkness.

The Difference Between Prayer & Pain.

What the Bible is basically saying is that when we pray, we are answered. But when we are in pain, He is closer! My prayer gets me heard by God and gets me answered by Him. But my pain gets Him sensitive to me! There is a great difference there! My prayer will get me an answer or a
messenger from God. But only my pain will get me God! See that difference? Prayer brings an answer, but pain brings God! He is close to the broken-hearted!

This is why you must not give up when in pain. Rather, push! Many see pain as an excuse to give up, throw in the towel and take their own lives. Yet, when in pain, you are qualified to get God in the midst of your situation. I have learned, though the hard way, that God is sensitive to pain. He cannot help but show up when there is pain. This is why He is close to the broken-hearted!

God Answers Pain.

I would like to tell you that God does not only want to answer your prayer, but He also wants to answer your pain! God answers pain. He answers pain just as well and just as much as He answers prayer. This is because your pain is just as important as your prayer. If you deem prayer to be of importance, deem the same for pain. Just as God pays attention to you when you pray, He pays attention when you’re in pain. This is the great thing I love about pain. It attracts God!

If many of us knew this prior, we wouldn’t have made the mistakes we made or ran away from the pain that was sent by God to answer a specific prayer we prayed. Don’t get me wrong, not every pain comes from God. But when it continues to come back for us to learn from, let us let it run its course!

Don’t commit suicide. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t walk away from your family. Don’t leave your children because of this pain. There is a blessing behind it. Satan wants to cloud your mind and atmosphere so you may miss the revelation behind your pain. Don’t become unfaithful to your spouse due to your pain. Don’t walk away from Jesus due to your pain. Pain is a great opportunity to draw closer to Jesus!

Why God Allows Pain & Sorrow.

Often we ask and wonder why God allows pain in our lives. We give it all the possible answers but also often come up short. The true reason God allows pain in our lives is to draw us closer to Him. Once we have drawn closer, even if we already were close, He then removes the sting behind the pain. Let me explain: God will allow pain to get our attention. Once He has our attention, He removes the sting of our pain, but leaves the lesson of our pain! Have you ever had pepper? My mom, wife and other women I know, love hot stuff. The only hot stuff I love is the mild sauce from chipotle. I am not too good with hot stuff, as you perhaps may be. Pepper in itself isn’t a sting, but it stings. I would like to show you something today! Have you ever had a needle placed in you? It stings, does it not? But the needle itself is not a sting, but it stings. What I am about to say may shock you, but it will change you! God does not always remove our pain. But He always removes the “sting” of our pain! Removing the sting of our pain does not necessarily remove our pain. How is that, prophet? Removing the sting of pain leaves pain, but this pain then becomes painless! It becomes pain with a lesson! It is fruitful pain. It becomes a scar!

I guarantee that out of the many things you have encountered in your life, God has not necessarily always removed the pain, but He has surely removed the sting of your pain. Remember that time you fell off a bicycle and were in pain? I do! I have a few scars from a few
falls. When the sting of my pains left, I kept my scars as a reminder of my pain. But this pain now came with a lesson! A lesson that says, “Be more careful when riding a bike.” Removing the sting of our pain leaves us with scars. Perhaps you have many scars too. But they are painless! That’s what I love about scars. They remind you of where you have been, what has happened, who has happened and what all you have done, but the “sting” behind it is no longer there.

Will You Surrender?

God wants to remove the sting of your pain. He wants to heal you, but you have got to surrender! You have got to use your pain to seek Him all the more, for that is the sole purpose of pain in our lives. It is to seek God! Perhaps God is trying to get your attention through this painful journey. Will you accept the call to a greater dimension in Him? Jesus is calling. Will you say yes? Will you surrender? I encourage you to do so.

The Intensity of Pain: Conquering the Moment.

Pain is an intense substance. When it happens, no matter who you are, who you aren’t, or what you’ve accomplished or haven’t accomplished, it isn’t always an easy thing to remember who you are while in it. Pain is an intense moment. An intense moment that must be conquered. If you do not conquer the moment of pain, you will be conquered by the moment of pain! Pain has conquered giants and stole their legacies. One moment of pain is enough to steal an entire lifetime of power and destiny. This is why it is so important for you to conquer this pain! Learn to conquer your moments and you will always spare yourself and others years of grief. One moment is enough to conquer a life. But that very same moment is also enough to gain an entire life! If you conquer this moment, you will gain wisdom to save a life through Christ.

Will You Heal or Hurt All the More?

As I close, I would like to remind you that pain leads to sensitivity. As stated earlier, unfortunately, we do not always use the sensitivity behind it as fuel to become sensitive to God. Pain makes us sensitive period. There is no way around that. However, what we become sensitive to and for in our moments of pain determines whether we live or die, gain or lose or heal or hurt all the more! What do you become sensitive for in pain? If it isn’t Jesus, you are losing. In pain, become more sensitive to God and for His presence. That is the only way out of pain and the only way to gain wisdom and lessons for the next dimension! Choose life by becoming sensitive for Jesus when in pain. Choose Jesus when in pain. Not drugs, not drama, not suicide and not death.

The Prophet’s Pain.

In my third and latest book, “The Prophet’s Pain,” I explain in further detail why conquering pain is so important for those called to greater heights. I elucidate on how to conquer it and so many more impeccable lessons I have learned. If you know you are called and chosen for specific tasks and if this blog blessed you, this literature will bless you a thousand times more. It will show you hidden keys and revelations you never thought pain could birth. You will be equipped for your next dimension, ministry and career.
I am praying for you and yours. You are greater than the moment. Greater than your painful moments. There is a lifetime to live after the moment. Conquer the moment! Your pain leads to sensitivity, but I pray you will choose to become more sensitive to God and His presence than anything or anyone else.

God bless you,

Prophet Aldi Essandjo.

Aldi Essandjo Ministries & UCG.

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