Prophet Aldi

Prophet Aldi Essandjo is a prolific and dynamic international preacher, spiritual counselor, entrepeneur and author. A full year prior to his ordination in the ministry, in the year 2010, he began traveling the world to preach the Good News, heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and transform lives through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the grace of Jesus Christ.

This year marks his 10th year in full time global ministry. Through his ministry, many have been healed from HIV/Aids, Cancer, Depression, spiritual harassment, and many married couples have seen God’s power bless them with offspring. His ministry has massive records of couples who could not otherwise have children until he prayed for them.

He is a spiritual counselor to many African Prime Ministers and Presidential candidates. His ministry, Aldi Essandjo Ministries and his organization “The Unleashed Commission & Generation” also known as “UCG,” have many groups and branches located in cities like Denver, Dallas, Paris, London, Istanbul, Kinshasa, just to name a few.

His book Dating With Purpose has garnered press releases on ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and many other news and media outlets. He is also the author of the book, “The Flesh Mate VS The Soul Mate” and the incredible leadership and prophetic book called, “The Prophet’s Pain: The Inescapable Path That Leads to Glory.” He is married to Kadijah Essandjo, who is also a preacher and prophetess. Together, they have two girls named Ariel and Skylar.

Prophet Aldi Essandjo is known and respected for his dynamic preaching, ability to call out forces of evil by name, the edification of his messages, and the precise ability and sensitivity to hear from God. Furthermore, his life-changing conferences such as the Dallas Unleashed International Conference, the Paris Unleashed International Conference, Expect the Unexpected, The Parakletos Experience and the Night of the Unleashed, which is a monthly event in Dallas, Texas, heal and deliver many around the globe. After so many different spiritual encounters, Prophet Aldi Essandjo carries a very powerful testimony, seldom spoken of. His many face to face experiences and encounters with Jesus Christ have shaped his life, and blessed many. Thousands have been touched by his ministry. He has been seen on the Impact Network, and many different television stations around the US, Europe and Africa.

While in his mother’s womb, a plane crashed into a market place, where his mother was shopping and hundreds died on the scene. His mother was amongst the very few survivors on this catastrophic event. We do not believe this was by coincidence. Meeting, hearing and being mentored by Prophet Aldi Essandjo will tremendously boost, revive and transform your calling, career, ministry and life! According to doctors, he was supposed to be born handicap, born with a broken right arm, and unable to speak. Nonetheless, after a three day fast his biological parents sacrificed themselves for at the time, the Lord gave them the name of, “ALDI” which is French for, “Alliance with God.” AL being short for Alliance and DI being short of Dieu, which means God, in French. The Lord promised to bless them with a Prophet by exchanging the baby in the womb for a messenger He would send out to the world.

At the age of seven years old, Prophet Essandjo prophesied with an unbelievable accuracy, and those who operated in evil practices within his neighborhood vowed to spiritually and physically remove his throat in order to hinder him from prophesying. Thanks be to God, they were never successful because of the power of prayer!

Prophet Aldi Essandjo is pastored and mentored by the legendary preacher, leader and Bishop, T.D. Jakes, Pastor of the 30.000 member Potter’s House of Dallas, TX. The Prophet believes in mentorship and the power of having a spiritual covering in ministry and in the endeavors of life. He believes that your biological parents reveal your history, but your spiritual parents reveal your destiny!

He is also the biological son of Apostle Joseph and Pastor Honorine Essandjo. A power couple who pastor over 50 churches worldwide, and who are visionaries of MESSIE Ministry International, a church community of over 20.000 members, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as the DRC.

His newest and highly anticipated book, “This Is Not My Life” is set to release Summer 2019. Should you join us in this incredible journey, as God invades this generation with a new and mighty move of the Holy Spirit, your life will never be the same again. Partner with Aldi Essandjo Ministries & UCG today!

Welcome to the family.