UCG is a ministry founded by Prophet Aldi Essandjo and was launched years ago as a ministry for its global partners under the leading of the Holy Spirit. UCG is equipped to travel the world for the sake of the Gospel and “unleash” the brokenhearted and bound by the power of the Holy Spirit. A ministry unleashed to unleash, blessed to be a blessing and delivered to deliver! This is also the ministry behind the organization and structure of our conferences worldwide. It includes singers, a band, intercessors, pastors, leaders and so much more! UCG under the leadership and vision of Prophet Aldi Essandjo is now a thriving ministry that is transforming lives all over the world, while restructuring destinies with continuous and exponential testimonies.

This year marks 9 total years of full time ministry! Through his ministry, many have been healed from HIV/Aids, Cancer, Depression, Financial Instability and many barren women have seen God’s power bless them with offspring. The ministry has massive records of families who could not otherwise have children until he prayed for them. So much healing and deliverance have taken place since our ministry was fully launched.

Prophet Aldi