51 Lessons and Nuggets of Wisdom You Can Benefit From.

51 Lessons and Nuggets of Wisdom You Can Benefit From.

Prophet Aldi Essandjo.

1. People will clap for you in one season and yet disown you in another.

2. Thus, trust in God more than you do in man. “Curse is he who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord.” (Jeremiah 17:5).

3. Let nothing in you, or around you, be an obstacle that Satan and others can use to manipulate your calling, or use against you and those you’re called to serve.

4. No matter how anointed or sinless you are, you will be misunderstood.

5. No matter how anointed you are, expect mistakes and failures.

6. No matter what happens, or who happens, God will never leave you.

7. God allows man to walk away when man’s heart has grown wicked toward you; man’s rejection is also God’s protection!

8. God allows man to leave when man carries a spirit of jealousy, or competition toward your assignment.

9. God allows man to leave, in order to teach total dependence on Him!

10. Do not be afraid to go with God’s flow for your life. It always leads to a brighter day.

11. Be strong minded and have a huge heart. Learn to take criticism, but stick to what you know is the truth; most importantly, God’s truth.

12. Be humble. Learn from everyone. You don’t know everything.

13. Be content; but tenacious. You are not obligated to settle for anything you know isn’t God’s will for your destiny.

14. Stay away from toxic people. Toxicity doesn’t always reveal itself at first. But surely, with time, it does. Stay away.

15. Stay away from anyone whose assignment is to influence others against your assignment. That’s the enemy!

16. Keep away from your circle, anyone whose assignment is to influence others against your assignment. That’s witchcraft!

17. There is a major difference between your circle and the crowd. Jesus had the crowd, the twelve, and the three.

18. Witchcraft is real. Satan uses people. Be mindful. Prayerful. Vigilant and sensitive.

19. What God shows you, is exactly what is going on. Do not ignore it.

20. When God speaks concerning someone or something, pay attention the first time.

21. You do not love people more than God loves them. If God says stay away, STAY AWAY!

22. Be vigilant. You don’t need everyone in your circle.

23. But value relationships. They are important in life.

24. Refrain from having associates whose heart and actions are in competition with you, your age, and assignment.

25. An apology does not equal reposition.

26. Do not be quick to position people in your life. God and time reveal everything.

27. Love with all of your heart. Even your enemies.

28. God and time reveal all things. God uses time very often. Time always reveals who has always been with God, no matter their mistakes, and who has not, no matter their perfections!

29. Satan uses attraction and image to attract you to those God never called or anointed.

30. Never go with humanity’s flow. Those others reject today, are often those God has chosen for tomorrow. Ask David.

31. Do not disown what or who God has for you due to failure. No one’s perfect. Learn to protect those you know are yours.

32. Learn the difference between destiny relations and seasonal relations.

33. Don’t be quick to give everyone your all. Some cannot take the intensity or heaviness of your humanity and nakedness.

34. Be grateful. To God and to those He uses or has used to shift you.

35. Don’t be quick to walk away from those who have sacrificed for you.

36. Don’t be quick to walk away from those who have always been there for you.

37. But be quick to walk away when God reveals the intentions of their past good deeds and actions. Often the enemy hides behind “good deeds” to keep an open door in your life, for him to destroy.

38. No matter who leaves, God will always stay.

39. Never, ever, bribe people to stay with you! Do not think you can change someone’s heart to stay by you. If they choose to walk, let them walk.

40. Do not seek to please everyone, hoping they like you. You will waste time and energy.

41. Your message and assignment must never change because someone disapproves of it. Your message is needed. Don’t change it to fit someone’s else message. Let God get the glory; but don’t let man change your assignment.

42. There is a difference between constructive criticism and rudeness or disrespect.

43. Before coming to conclusions, always ask questions. Do not attack someone whose assignment you do not understand.

44. Ask God to reveal the truth. Do not attack someone whose instructions you do not understand. It’s immature to do so, and it is of the flesh.

45. God will use people to speak to you. But He will never leave you confused, broken, distraught or hateful toward self. That’s witchcraft, and deep flesh.

46. Learn to know people for yourself.

47. Even those you look up to can be jealous, envious, or hateful. It’s the flesh. Pray for them.

48. Fear no man. Fear God!

49. Respect everyone; especially your elders.

50. Be obedient to God. Serve. Be faithful. Be teachable. Sow. Do not give up; ever. It is the way to the destiny you have always prayed for.

51. There are people who will by your side for life.

52. Often when your spirit does not click with someone else’s spirit, either they are in witchcraft, are enticed by it, or carry malicious heart toward you. It is part of growing your spiritual senses.

53. The mistakes or “errors” you condone your leaders and parents for, you will one day be faced with; and others will act toward you, as you acted toward your leaders and parents. Be wise. And prayerful.

54. There are things about responsibility and leadership that you will never comprehend until you have been placed in position. Give grace; but be orderly.

55. Every sin you commit on earth, you pay for on earth, and beyond. Repent.

Aldi Essandjo is a prolific and dynamic international preacher, spiritual counselor and author. This year marks his 10th year in full time global ministry. Through his ministry, many have been healed from HIV/Aids, Cancer, Depression, Spiritual Harassment and many couples have seen God’s power bless them with offspring, while doctors stated otherwise. He is a spiritual counselor to many African Prime Ministers, Presidential candidates and Political Leaders. His book “Dating With Purpose” has garnered press releases on ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and many other news and media outlets. He is also the author of the incredible leadership book called, “The Prophet’s Pain” and the revolutionary, faith-filled book called, “This Is Not My Life!”